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Lush, Tasty, Organic Produce

We all love lush, tasty produce grown in our own gardens! We want our food to be healthy, and a source of nutritional vitamins and minerals, not loaded with chemicals or toxins. Current agricultural and food production practices aimed at efficiency and high production leaves us with bland or tasteless produce, and minimal nutritional value, all while leaving increasing amounts of chemical residues in our food.

The secret to growing lush tasty produce, is to provide a healthy root environment in the soil that allows the plant to communicate with the soil and extract the exact nutrition that it needs. If your soil is lacking certain nutrients, or has an excess of other nutrients, the nutritional balance of the plant will be affected.

This nutritional balance of the plant is directly related to the taste of your produce. So when your plants have a proper balance of nutrition, they will be healthy and produce fruit and vegetables with exceptional flavor!

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How It Works

Completely Organic: Aeromaster Humus Compost is completely organic and certified for use in organic operations. No toxic chemicals, or synthetic fertilizers here!

Better Nutrition: When Aeromaster Humus is in charge of the soil, the plant has ready access to soil nutrients. This allows plants to build better balanced amino acids, which builds better proteins, which builds better cells resulting in healthier plants, which packs more vitamins and nutrients into your food!

Better Taste: The nutritional balance of the plant is directly related to the taste of your produce. So when your plants have a proper balance of nutrition, they will be healthy and produce fruit and vegetables with exceptional flavor!

Less Pests: As nature's little clean up crew, bugs generally attack weak or already dying plants. As plant health improves, it becomes less attractive to insects and worms. Insects and worms generally cannot handle the high energy contained in healthy plants. In some cases, pests may even die when consuming high energy plants.

Less Weeds: Weeds are nature's indicators of poor or imbalanced soils. Aeromaster Humus Compost works to restore balance to your soil which will in turn reduce the presence of weeds. Aeromaster Humus Compost also brings structure and oxygen into your soil which discourages weed seed germination.

Penn Valley Premium Blend is a unique blend of ingredients which promotes a healthy soil root environment. At the heart of this Premium Blend is Aeromaster Humus Compost which helps to bring structure to the soil, and to activate and build literal plant/soil communication through microbiology. Aeromaster Humus Compost serves as the housing for these microbes. Aeromaster Humus Compost has a powerful and complex carbon base which is highly attractive to itself and has substantial magnetization. This complex carbon base enables the nutrients held in the soil to be made readily available for plants to extract.

With its magnetic strength, humus helps to loosen the soil which allows the plant to expand and grow a healthier root system. The combination of the Aeromaster Humus Compost along with the other Penn Valley Premium Blend ingredients (organic mined gypsum, ground crab shell, pulverized volcanic rock, and bio-char) provides a wonderful and rich organic soil amendment for your garden and potted plants.

Penn Valley Premium Blend can be applied by broadcasting (spreading), banding (on top of covered seed row), and/or applying to the root zone when transplanting potted plants.

Penn Valley Liquid Humus is extracted from a non-manure humus compost by the use of air and water. This method provides another way to promote healthy plants. When used in conjunction with Penn Valley Premium Blend, it works as an activating and interfacing agent between the plant and the soil which better connects your plant roots to the soil and enhances photosynthesis. Penn Valley Liquid Humus can be applied at planting, when watering, and as a foliar (light mist to plant).

Our moto is working with nature to build a healthy soil root environment and allow the soil to grow the plant to a greater potential.

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